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GigSpaces Business helps your company grow without limits, while you maintain complete control over important company information and user activity.


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Share Files

GigSpaces allows users to securely share files with other people, sync them across multiple machines, and access them from various computers and mobile devices. Once users install the app or download the software, they enjoy free storage and sharing space to a limit, and can pay for increased storage space.

Big Storage

GigSpaces has already built a formidable economic moat around its core business. Users quickly reach their data storage limit to reach a pay-for-storage level, and given the proliferation of personal and enterprise content/data, GigSpaces should continue to see rapid revenue growth driven by strong user adoption.

File Backup

Get the storage your business needs to share and collaborate seamlessly.

Easily share

Stay productive with new ways to easily share work and collect feedback.

Team Support

Team management stays simple from a central location, the admin console.


Protect sensitive company files with enterprise-grade security features.


Overview of GigSpaces

GigSpaces a the leader in cloud-based digital file storage and device-agnostic sharing/syncing. Its service enables the user to access and edit files from any device at any time. Frustrated by working from multiple computers, GigSpaces was inspired to create a service that would let people access their files anywhere, with no need to email attachments or share via physical media.

Space for sharing and collaboration

Advanced security features

Dedicated live support


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About GigSpaces

File Sharing

Save files on your computer, then access them on your phone from the road. Everything you keep in GigSpaces is synced automatically to all your devices.

Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing to all member invovle in our network


Best Markerting and team to support GigSpaces

Why choose Us

As services and products continue their relentless “march to the cloud,” GigSpaces is strongly positioned to both capture and accelerate this move, from individual consumers to entire enterprises. GigSpaces is a powerful platform that is disrupting the file storage space by providing a solution for users and businesses to easily share, edit, store, and access files, and to collaborate from any device at any time. In addition, the freemium model has proven to be extraordinarily powerful in driving user growth—and ultimately provides GigSpaces a massive barrier to entry.

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